The UV-Absorption Organics Monitor that simplifies your water treatment processes.

About the AMI SAC254

The AMI SAC254 is an on-line monitor that continuously measures UV-absorption, a surrogate parameter to determine dissolved organics (DOC, TOC, etc.), at a wavelength of 254 nm.

Subsequently, this instrument allows you to save chemicals, energy and time by improving the efficiency and efficacy of (individual) treatment steps, such as coagulation/flocculation, activated carbon adsorption and UV disinfection.

Features and Benefits

Accurate Results

Accurate results without drift: Unique and patented dynamic measuring method, insensitive to fouling

Broad Measurements

Broad measuring ranges from 0 up to 300 m-1 UVA

Correlation based

Correlation to carbon-based parameters (DOC, TOC, etc.)

Useful Integrations

Integrated turbidity correction at 550 nm according to DIN 38404-3

Grab Sample Functionality

Built-in grab sample functionality for manual measurement, verification and calibration

Low maintenance concept

Wall-mountable and user friendly design for all environments where easy access to critical parts is desired


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Areas of Application

Raw Water Intake Coagulation, Flocculation and Sedimentation Micropollutant Removal Disinfection

Raw Water Intake

Monitoring changes in the raw water composition for trend analyses of organic load for immediate exception handling and subsequent adjustment of the treatment process.

Coagulation, Flocculation and Sedimentation

Monitoring the effective removal of natural organic matter and improving the efficiency and efficacy of chemical feed and energy consumption

Micropollutant Removal

Continuously monitoring the effectiveness of the activated carbon filtration for accurate predictions of the filter saturation.


Assure validated operation of a UV-disinfection system within its specified UV transmittance range.

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